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Highlighting your greatest qualities, and presenting them to the world in its best form.


Real-Life experience is something intimate that can connect all of us.  From feeling the wind through your hair as you take the scenic route or the bass in your chest as you scream for your favourite artist at that festival you always wanted to go to.  Whether it's just a walk around the park or a dense moshpit at a concert we all crave being back in our favourite havens or getting to experience new atmospheres.

What better way to relive and share your experiences than through Virtual Co|nect? Our way of allowing you to share your personal and public experiences with whomever you choose.  So get your VR glasses ready and come experience with us.

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My Channel

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VC - Events

Experience is ultimately what people pay for.  Whether festivals, games, or nightclubs, we chase an atmosphere where we can live life to the fullest. VC Events (Virtual Co|nect - Events) gives you the power; taking your public, personal, and local experiences and sharing them however you please.  Take out your VR glasses, or cellphones and explore our experience gallery.  You may just get lost in reality.

VC - Tours

VC -  Tours (Virtual Reality - Tour) is our virtual reality experience for real estate and brick-and-motor businesses.  VC - Tours gives your customer the power to stroll around your store, or home while never actually leaving their seat.  Customers can now show their husband where they should put the pool table, or your wife that there is room against that wall for that new crib. Information like audio, videos, pictures, product information, and HTML links, can be added throughout the tour to heighten the user's experience. 

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